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Sweet Emulation

This is the visual style that I most want to emulate for the film. Check it.

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This show is the primary inspiration behind Prairie Oyster. Watch it.

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Summer Wars Trailer

This trailer came out, and movie thereafter, as I was beginning on Prairie Oyster. The emotional roar it brings is pretty spectacular and a huge inspiration.

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Here’s the cast list for Prairie Oyster:

Cast List for Prairie Oyster

Carl Oku (Male Lead)

Carl is an 18-24 year old male. He has a scruffy, loveable appearance with brown, blonde, and/or red hair. He has a normal to slightly shorter build and height, with moderately tan to pale skin. Carl wears thick-rimmed glasses and a turtleneck, with scarf, and rain jacket (trench coat). Carl is relatively silent, but delivers on certain lines and phrases to give them more emphasis and power. He is in a relationship with Bea Walther. Carl has a demeanor of a child mixed with that of a loveable mutt. Likes strawberry milk.


Bea Walther (Female Lead)

Bea (bea) is around the same age as Carl, with medium-cut hair, her hair constantly changes color due to the after-effects of a lack of reality. She is of a relatively small build, which she makes up for with quirky comments and wit. She wears a pair of sunglasses constantly. She enjoys Pocky, a Japanese snack. Her style is more colorful and creative than Carl’s, due to her extreme sense of individuality and creativity. Carl Oku is her boyfriend, she appreciates his stubborn playfulness.

_______ (Male Primary Antagonist)

______ is a bearded, male character with the power of reality at his disposal. He has a distinct presence of logic and law. His age is the same as Bea and Carl’s or older. Though his name is never mentioned, he has a past history with Carl, Bea and Ben Sheemus. He wants to restore the Universe to its original state. ______ is the most handsome of anyone in the film, and has numerous likeable traits and features. He’s a complex guy.

Ben Sheemus (Male- Tertiary character)

Ben represents the soul of the film. His ethnicity doesn’t matter, but he is also scruffy and somewhat deshelved. He wears sunglasses that almost never come off. Ben wears black with a thin tie and flip flops, as well as boxers with hearts on them. He speaks often in prose and is extremely cool in any situation.

“FROYD” (Male – Evil)

Froyd is another nameless character who represents the nature of the Universe and certain physical bias when concerning sex/sexuality. He is nasty, constantly pulling maraschino cherries out of a glass container and sucking the juice from his fingers. His power lies within the logic of the mind and convincing others of his opinions. He’s more of an anti-romantic than a realist.

Bart Ender (male)

The bartender at the Whammy Bar. Older, long, grey hair and a beard. Likes to smite things.

Kingstown (male)

An old man with a guitar. Caretaker of Leyla.

Leyla (female)

A young girl who is blind and deaf. Might just save the Universe.


An Arcadian who once commanded the laws of the Universe that is no more.

“Faye Th” (female)

Faye is a female disembodied entity that works with power on the Arcadian Parole Board.


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brutal simplicity

I’m weird about film treatments. I’m a writer by nurture, so writing them is somewhat easy, but at the same time, the creator inside of me wants to express the film in ways that words cannot easily.

For the plot of Prairie Oyster, I’ve decided to simplify it, not by changing it drastically, but by cutting off some of the “space junk” orbiting around. The story will focus highly on the “last summer the Universe ended, last summer I fell in Love.” motif. This provides for the proper story telling aspects that I want. Working them into the script has already executed pages from said script. The treatment however, is still reading a little too much like the current script. I may have to look it over and change a few things.

I’m listening to the fooli cooli soundtrack.

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