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This past week was insane. We shot throughout the week in intense heat and changing weather, with locations near and far, and the end product is something that I am sure to be proud of.

The casting has been fulfilled, we have all the tech that we need and more importantly it’s been fun and fulfilling. 

I was so sunburnt last night that I laid under a fan for about half an hour soaked in aloe vera, my cast and crew were about the same. I could not have asked for better peeps.

I’ve got a feeling.



I decided to do two cuts of Prairie Oyster. One will be for class, the other for film festivals or whatever audience it ends up reaching. I decided to dub it the vinyl cut.

The vinyl cut should feel raw. If I could record on analog, I would. At least the audio. Having a feeling of fidelity and fruitfulness would be an amazing vibe with the film. 

I have yet to mention the wind. Where I’m from, which is where we’re shooting, is a windy place, it causes small pops and scrapes like vinyl in sound and it gives the image a constant motion like the rotation of a disc. It is never said, but always. seen.

The kickstarter should help this come together, my biggest concern is sound production, as it was a huge issue last semester.  I will be using a boom mike.

The Duple Duo

runt of the mill

Carl and bea are the center of the film. Finding actors for them should, technically, be fairly easy. Many of my characters are based off of people I like. I have a number of friends who could fit the roles very well if they are available, not to mention the two (post-note three) local theater troupes. As far as their design and romance, that’s a pleasure of mine to do.

Both characters utilize color, living somewhere between the lines of “too much” and “correct amount for color correction.”Image

Scarfs and shoes are a huge aspect. Also the outer-wear, is unique and stylish with hints of the mod wave:

As far as their actions, Carl and bea have a playful cat and dog like relationship. They understand each other on a deep level and at the same time are constantly surprised by one another. Love infinity.


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The Draft.

So, I have several blogs in the draft phase at the moment, that I need to put out, but first I wanted to give an update as to why they stayed as drafts and weren’t published.

-Most of the time I put into the project was immediately put into the kickstarter. At first the kickstarter and blog worked symbiotically, then the blog stopped reaching people, so I stopped updating in on the above-average level. When the kickstarter began to lose momentum, I put even more time and work into the cohesiveness of the idea. I felt that the lack of cohesiveness that the kickstarter supporters were telling me about would eventually effect my direction of the film. I always struggled with how well the idea would flow without breaking the willing suspension of disbelief, so it caused a sort of schism within my confidence. 

-I’ve been travelling a lot between Pueblo, Golden and Boulder. It’s hard to juggle everything and with the priority of the kickstarter and phone calls and everything else, I never finished the drafts, thought I thought I had. The lack of viewers on the blog also didn’t help.

That’s about it. I’ll be posting the rest now.

-Clifford Carl Brice