The Duple Duo

runt of the mill

Carl and bea are the center of the film. Finding actors for them should, technically, be fairly easy. Many of my characters are based off of people I like. I have a number of friends who could fit the roles very well if they are available, not to mention the two (post-note three) local theater troupes. As far as their design and romance, that’s a pleasure of mine to do.

Both characters utilize color, living somewhere between the lines of “too much” and “correct amount for color correction.”Image

Scarfs and shoes are a huge aspect. Also the outer-wear, is unique and stylish with hints of the mod wave:

As far as their actions, Carl and bea have a playful cat and dog like relationship. They understand each other on a deep level and at the same time are constantly surprised by one another. Love infinity.


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