The Draft.

So, I have several blogs in the draft phase at the moment, that I need to put out, but first I wanted to give an update as to why they stayed as drafts and weren’t published.

-Most of the time I put into the project was immediately put into the kickstarter. At first the kickstarter and blog worked symbiotically, then the blog stopped reaching people, so I stopped updating in on the above-average level. When the kickstarter began to lose momentum, I put even more time and work into the cohesiveness of the idea. I felt that the lack of cohesiveness that the kickstarter supporters were telling me about would eventually effect my direction of the film. I always struggled with how well the idea would flow without breaking the willing suspension of disbelief, so it caused a sort of schism within my confidence. 

-I’ve been travelling a lot between Pueblo, Golden and Boulder. It’s hard to juggle everything and with the priority of the kickstarter and phone calls and everything else, I never finished the drafts, thought I thought I had. The lack of viewers on the blog also didn’t help.

That’s about it. I’ll be posting the rest now.

-Clifford Carl Brice


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