Prairie Oyster will be a short film by clifford carl brice.


Seven months ago The Universe inexplicably bit the dust.

All that remains is 7.77 square miles of prairie. The only form of order coming from the three remaining humans.

bea Walther. Carl Oku. Ben Sheemus.

These “inspectors” have found themselves tormented by the Prairie around them, each morning waking up with a hangover in a world without laws or sense.

Then, forces outside the realm of reality begin to investigate the sudden death of the Universe. Carl, bea and Ben are met by an old friend, someone without a name,  someone who knows their secret. They are the only ones who know how The Universe was destroyed.

When they refuse to answer, the trio is forced into confrontation. Three humans against the forces of existence and remnants of reality all looking for the answer to end all answers.

The film will use my signature anima style. It will use heavy amounts of surrealism and comedy in order to make the film engaging, entertaining, slightly experimental and fun.

Facebook Page:

Final Boss will be doing the score:


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